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Experimentează începutul unei cariere de succes.

Află răspunsul tuturor curiozităţilor din domeniul IT.

Acceptă întâlnirea cu cele mai importante firme de pe piaţă.

Conferința de deschidere

  Luni, 6 noiembrie, va avea loc Conferința de Deschidere unde vor fi prezenți partenerii ITFest 2017. Participând, vei avea oportunitatea de a intra în contact cu firme mari din domeniul IT. Reprezentanții acestor companii vor prezenta tematica workshopurilor pe care le vor susține pe parcursul săptămânii 6-10 noiembrie, precum și specificul firmelor pe care le reprezintă și programele lor de internship.


Azure workshop - build your app on the Cloud

 In this workshop we will explore the world of Cloud Computing, and learn how to transform our ideas into real world applications. Get your laptop and jumpstart your career with Microsoft Azure.

About our company

 Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. That’s what inspires us, drives our work and pushes us to challenge the status quo every day. At Microsoft we also work to empower our employees so they can achieve more. We believe we should each find meaning in our work and we ensure employees have the freedom and the reach to help make a difference in the world.

  Growth mindset: At Microsoft, we’re insatiably curious and always learning. We ask questions, take risks and build on each other’s ideas, because we are better together. We lean in to uncertainty, take risks and move quickly when we make mistakes, because we know that failure happens along the way to innovation and breakthrough. Customer obsessed: We are passionate about helping our customers achieve more, and that means we really listen and learn from them. We bring solutions that don’t just meet the needs of customers and their businesses, they often surprise and delight them. Then we innovate further to give them even more.

  Diversity and inclusion: We don’t just value differences, we seek them out. We invite them in. Microsoft is a place where employees can be who they are. We value diverse perspectives. And as a result, we have better ideas, better products and happier customers.

 One Microsoft: We are a family of individuals at a truly global company, united by a single mission. We work together, building on each other’s ideas and collaborating across boundaries to bring the best of Microsoft to our customers and the world. Making a difference: Our employees have access to the latest technology and tools, the power to build on the company’s far-reaching momentum and the drive to change the world. We can make a difference. Together, we can help billions of people around the globe use digital technology to achieve amazing things.

  We know where we’re going as a company and how we’ll get there. We are committed to reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing. These three goals are interconnected, they’re bold—and they’re why we are always looking to bring even more brilliant and creative people to our team.


EN:  How to Get a Job in IT - No Experience Necessary

  Do you think you're a good fit for a job in IT? Are you up to date on the various opportunities in the field and how to prepare for them? Do you know how to hack the IT job market to advance quickly in your career path without any previous IT experience? This workshop will offer practical exercises and interactive debates to help you develop the soft skills needed to succeed in the IT industry.

RO:  Cum să obții un job în IT, având zero experiență

  Crezi că ți se potrivește domeniul IT? Ești la curent cu varietatea de oportunități existente și cu felul în care să te pregătești pentru ele? Știi cum poți accesa joburile IT pentru a avansa rapid în cariera fară experiență anterioară? Acest workshop îți va oferi exerciții practice și dezbateri interactive care te vor ajuta să-ți dezvolți soft skillurile necesare pentru a câștiga în industria IT.

Descrierea companiei

  OSF Global Services, winner of the Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global cloud solutions company providing consulting, application development and implementation services to enterprises and emerging businesses across B2B and B2C sectors. OSF integrates customized solutions to create the greatest value from any cloud ecosystem. And as a cloud computing company, we provide a comprehensive range of cloud services unmatched by our competitors—IoT, Enterprise HR Solutions, ERP Integrations and more.

  With more than 120 ongoing projects and over a decade of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative solutions across industries, channels and locales.

  Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, OSF Global Services is a global company, with 21 locations across Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC regions.

  For more information, please visit:


Cum sa obtii un job in IT, avand zero experienta
Sorin Chircu, Senior Technical Trainer, OSF Commerce

  Duration: 2h

  Learning methods: presentation, debate, case studies, personality evaluation survey.

Cum stii daca ti se potriveste IT-ul?

 • Chestionar Valori Profesionale si/sau Chestionarul DISC
 • Foi printate pentru fiecare participant si functie de rezultat vedem ce profesie li se potriveste
 • Profil ideal IT high performer
   ◦ Prezint metaprograme
 • Procedural vs optional; intern vs extern; detaliu vs ansamblu
   ◦ Prezint modelul ideal: procedural, intern, detaliu

Ce ramuri de specializare exista si cum te pregatesti?

 • Development
   ◦ Frontend
     · (html/css/js, sass, bootstrap, gulp)
   ◦ Backend
     · (nodejs, php, java, .net)
   ◦ Learning suggested:
     · codecademy, codeschool, freecodecamp, codecombat
     · personal projects hosted on
     · learn and use git
   ◦ QA
     · Manual
     · Automated
   ◦ Learning suggested:
     · Guru99
 • Business Analyst
     · FSD, TSD
 • Sysadmin
     · Windows/Linux Networking
 • Tech Support
     · Comunicare, Training
 • IT Project Manager
     · PMP

Cum rezolvi problema lipsei de experienta?

 • OSF Academy Study Case
   ◦ Movie watch:
     · Daniel Mestic de la jr0 developer (osf academy) la solution architect
     · Simion Petrov de la jr0 developer (osf academy) la ecommerce division director (director a peste 400 angajati
 • Internshipuri & learninguri
 • Call to action
   ◦ we do this every month
   ◦ learning paths
     · Frontend
     · Backend
     · QA

  We hire every month several developers on each of paths.

  Apply now here:

Metro Systems

Descrierea Companiei

  METRO SYSTEMS Romania este subsidiara companiei METRO SYSTEMS Germania care ofera solutii IT complexe pentru industria de retail. METRO SYSTEMS Romania ofera solutii de Design, Quality Assurance, Support, Delivery & Deployment, Application Operation and Infrastructure Operation. METRO SYSTEMS GmbH asigura servicii de management al informatiilor si tehnologiilor pentru METRO. METRO SYSTEMS dezvolta si implementeaza solutii de management al marfurilor si logisticii, solutii pentru gestionarea si arhivarea informatiilor, sisteme de baze de date cu informatii despre clienti, sisteme de case de marcat, solutii e-commerce si sisteme de intranet, precum si sisteme administrative. Din anul 2006, anul înfiinţării METRO SYSTEMS Romania, numarul de angajați a crescut constant pana la mai mult de 800, iar compania continuă să se extindă. METRO este una dintre cele mai mari și cele mai importante companii comerciale internaționale. Compania opereaza in 35 de tari si are un numar mai mare de 150.000 de angajați.

Descriere workshop

  In acest workshop vom defini notiunea de Continuous Delivery Pipeline si vom introduce tool-urile utilizate in industrie pentru a construi un astfel de mod automat de livrare a solutiilor software. Va vom impartasi, de asemenea, modul in care am construit solutia de Continuous Delivery pentru o parte din aplicatiile software METRO SYSTEMS.

  Desigur, vom si experimenta, indeosebi cu Tomcat si Jenkins, deci veniti pregatiti pentru a scrie primele voastre joburi in Jenkins si pentru a face deploy pe Tomcat!


  Denumire Workshop: JavaScript - un nou stil de programare.



 We aren t. Actually, we encourage making mistakes and sharing them with others. Because sometimes, the biggest failure turns into a huge success

 Join us for the workshop 'Successful failures'

 b-curious, b-better, b-you

 We are B-lay. We live and breathe software license management. We were founded in 2008. We’re based in Romania, The Netherlands and the USA. We provide services around software compliance, software audits, software asset management tools and insight in software spend. B-lay combines over 50 different individuals and personalities, a few thousands of ideas and hundreds of initiatives. Age, background, race or political views don’t matter. Better yet, they make it more interesting. We value your beliefs as long as they don’t hurt others.


Descrierea companiei

Who are we?

 You have the opportunity to be part of the most wanted Big4 to work for! That’s right, you can find us in ‘The 2017 Most Desired Employers Survey’ powered by Catalyst and in the ‘Top of The Best Companies to Work for’ released by Apart from this, you will be offered amazing professional challenges, excellent chances to test your academic knowledge, invaluable industry understanding and on-the-job learning from our experts as well as adventurous career possibilities! Your benefits and your career path can be flexible to match your own priorities. If you decide to join us, we will do our best to support you in achieving your full potential and help you to be part of our high performance culture.

Your story

 Let's imagine this! You are a 2nd/3rd year TOP student in a bachelor program or 1st /2nd year student in a master program, a graduate or a young professional and you are looking for a job where you can learn from the best, and experience real business cases, not to mention enjoying the people you work with. If any of these sound like you, then we might be a match!

  Your profile – Do you have the 21st Century Skills?

 • YOU already have or you are studying for a degree in Economics, Technology, Mathematics, or a related discipline
 • YOU have been involved in different “out of the box” experiences
 • YOU have complex problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills
 • YOU believe in acting ethically
 • YOU take ownership of your work, as well as of your own learning and development
 • YOU have emotional intelligence
 • YOU show resilience in the face of challenges or obstacles
 • YOU have a “change the world” attitude
 • YOU have a sharp judgment and you are a good decision maker
 • YOU are IT literate
 • YOU have negotiation skills and a cognitive flexibility
 • YOU have the ability to reach your highest and fullest potential
 • YOU are business oriented
 • YOU are committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence
 • YOU are available for frequent business trips

Why audit? What’s in it for you?

 The objective of an audit is to provide assurance that a company’s annual accounts, profit and loss account and balance sheet represent a true and fair view of its financial activity. If you want to see a different range of work environments and discover what makes a business tick; if you have an analytical mind and great communication skills then a career in Audit might be for you. Audit is a great way for you to experience how businesses operate and what makes a business successful. You will need to understand the dynamics of the business being audited and how key business risks affect financial results. From the beginning of your career you will be in contact with clients, working in a team and taking on more responsibility as you progress in the firm.

 Opening position will be launched soon, but you can always submit you application on our career page or at .

Descriere Workshop

  Workshop-ul va fi impartit in 2 componente

Technology & Career Success in 21st century.


Tematica workshop: Serviciile web – fundamentul interoperabilitatii

Descriere workshop:

Afla cum functioneaza cele mai populare modalitati de a asigura interoperabilitatea intre sisteme informatice: serviiciile web RESTful si SOAP. Participand la acest workshop, vei avea ocazia sa dezvolti servicii de tip RESTful si SOAP, pe o tematica data.

Facilitatori workshop:
  • ● Daniel Florea – Technology Architecture Delivery Associate Manager
  • ● Andrei Pietrusel – Application Development Senior Analyst

At Accenture Technology, you’ll be able to use and develop your skills of software development.

What We Do

  Accenture Technology revolutionizes how people work, live, interact and connect each day. Powering the world’s leading businesses, we solve complex tech issues and build customized solutions. Not to mention integrating platforms into existing operations, Accenture doesn’t just stand alone in what we do, we’re aligned with the top tech leaders globally, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft,, Cisco and HP. Accenture Technology Labs is where we break new ground. Pushing the expected limits to achieve incredible results for our clients.

What You Can Achieve

  Play a part in developing new products and creating and harnessing new technologies. Picture this. The next wave of disruptive technology in your hands. Ready for you to create custom-designed solutions. Using Integrations, Development, Architecture and Tech Platforms to drive innovation.

What You Will Need to work with us

 • A passion for technology
 • Technical proficiency and/or experience with specific language skills
 • Strong will to build your tech skills further
 • Deep delivery and operations skills with a focus on excellence
 • Complete commitment to quality
 • A service-oriented mindset

Are you a talented fresh graduate in IT and looking for a job? Accenture is the place to be!

  Find out more about Accenture and our job openings at


Descriere Workshop CST

  Ești curios de ce multă lume vorbește de Agile/Scrum și vrei să afli care sunt avantajele în comparație cu felul în care îți organizai proiectele până acum? Vrei să afli cum să livrezi software de calitate, la timp și continuu? Vrei să înveți cum să accepți cu ușurință noi cerințe de la client, chiar și într-o fază avansată a proiectului?

  Vei afla mai multe despre metodologia Agile (roluri, artifacte, evenimente etc.), dar și despre cum poți implementa eficient și cum îți poți ajuta echipa să devină una self-directed, cum să elimini frustrările și cum să transformi presiunile generate de deadlineuri în motivație. Vei învăța cum să mulezi această metodologie pe dezvoltarea proiectelor cu arhitecturi complexe și care sunt cele mai bune practici de engineering pentru dezvoltatori.

  Trainerul este Daniel Ilinca, Managing Director la Cornerstone Technologies. A urmat cursuri de Agile și a primit certificări Agile și Scrum de la două dintre cele mai mari organizații internaționale de profil: Agile Consortium și A învățat de la unii dintre cei mai buni (Arie van Bennekum – co-autor Agile Manifesto, Founder și Board Member la Agile Consortium și Ralph Jocham – primul PSM Trainer al din Europa și Founder la Effective Agile). A reușit să implementeze cu succes Agile în echipele cu care lucrează și ține programe de mentorat pentru cei care vor să adopte metodologia Agile.